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Digital Marketing

An Industry-Leading Digital Marketing

Megacy Soft Solutions is a truly modern digital agency. With over a decade of digital marketing experience, Megacy Soft Solutions is one of the most dynamic marketing and communication agencies in Chennai.

What can we do for you?
  • If you need a website, SEO, social media management, content marketing, or a creative and integrated digital marketing strategy, we have the track record and in-house capabilities to meet your needs.
  • We have a highly-skilled team of Digital Marketing experts who use cutting-edge technologies and proven tactics to create a winning formula for businesses worldwide
  • In addition to creating wonderful digital experiences, we also provide our clients with a trackable return on investment.


We rank your website high because of our experience... Be sure not to fall behind your competitors.

Mobile Marketing Services

The goal of mobile marketing is to reach a target audience on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, via WhatsApp, Instagram, websites, email, SMS, MMS, and social media. There is now no longer a need for a desktop computer to accomplish everything that previously could be done on a mobile device. Mobile marketing has grown tremendously as it's now possible to open an email or visit your website on a small mobile screen.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Companies and businesses around the world rely on our targeted search engine optimization services. You can enjoy more exposure and ultimately better business when we showcase your brand to your target customers. Our SEO team is devoted solely to improving your visibility online. Here's how. Through search engine optimization.

Video Marketing Services

Videos can have a direct impact on your customers to take action and purchase your product or service. To make a buying decision, most people watch a video about the product or service they are going to purchase. Using various methods of video marketing, we can help you create a persuasive video that sells your business and deliver it to targeted customers.

Email marketing services

In order to provide customers with especially relevant personalized emails, we can only do so through email marketing. Emails like these are the most common method marketers use to entice customers to return to their websites.

Web Analysis

How can you measure the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing? Our website allows you to track both online and offline marketing efforts. To develop specific conversion strategies, we use the Google Analytics platform to track customer engagement on your website.

Marketing on Social Media

Is Does your brand have a social media presence? Is it effective on social media? Look no further! Using digital technologies, we help brands engage and connect with their audiences. With a wide range of Social Media Services, our team of specialists stays on top of the latest social trends and developments.

Lead Generation

For almost a decade, we've been providing Inbound Marketing and Sales Lead Generation services to a range of businesses using tools like Affiliate marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and Instagram marketing.